The Hong Kong Internship Platform ( The HKIP )

The Hong Kong Internship Platform is a new job matching platform connecting students from Hong Kong universities with lo
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Students are always a source of fresh, young talent for companies, but are often lacking in training and experience. This can be a big hurdle for them to find a job in a competitive job market. The Hong Kong Internship Platform identifies the needs of students and has created a community where students can get career training, and personal job matching from our platform for free.

The HKIP matches interns to your companies needs and requirements. We have extensive connections with the Hong Kong student community and are focused on bringing together students from Hong Kong universities and local companies.

For Interns
Our interns get to work with some of the most exciting companies in Hong Kong and gain experience in a professional setting.

For Companies
Our partner companies have access to talented students from Hong Kong universities whose passion and creativity can help bring fresh ideas to their business.

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    CAlvin Huang
    Calvin Huang is a university student in Hong Kong studying Global Business and Marketing. He has connections with AIESEC HK, Elite HK and HKFBS, th... Read More