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W stands for Why. Everything starts with “Why”: The Mission, Passion and sense of Purpose.

WHub's Passion is to boost startups, foster the growth of the startup ecosystem and bring Hong Kong/GBA (Greater Bay Area) to the top on the global map of Startup Ecosystems.

WHub (whub.io), Hong Kong’s biggest startup community and power connector, is a platform showcasing startups to accelerate their business through meaningful connections to the resources they need to grow.

WHub is based on 3 pillars to help foster and grow the ecosystem:
- Connect Key Players and the Community
- Empower Recruitment and Startup-Corporate Co-Innovation
- Educate through insights and events

Connecting Key Players and the Community

This consists of connecting startups with other startups, accelerators and incubators, universities, government and investors. WHub also creates bridges and leverages multiple partners in other ecosystems to help startups connect and scale beyond their home countries and region.

Empowering Recruitment and Startup-Corporate Co-Innovation

WHub enables startups to build their team through recruitment of best talent, be it online on WHub or via our off-line Job Fairs for Tech & Startups (we have organised and sponsored more than 10). This also encompasses connecting corporates to innovative startups and the entire ecosystem, to the benefit of all. Corporates get accompanied in their digital transformation process through hackathons (ex. FinHack: finhack.io) , startup competitions, workshops, acceleration programs and/or top executive seminars.

Educating through insights and events

Organising events, such as #SIS (Startup Impact Summit) and supporting global conferences, as well as issuing white papers on the HK Startup Ecosystem and HK FinTech Ecosystem,

WHub drives the exchange of know how, latest news and best practices and technologies.

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    Karena Belin
    Co-Founder W Hub
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    Karen Contet Farzam
    Co-Founder W Hub & Founder Women Who Code HK
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    Gram Milosevic
    Alchemist CTO
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    Josephine Chan
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