Payments/lending platform for SMEs

Reap is a technology company. We are dedicated to upgrading small businesses by building future solutions to improve the way they operate today.

This started with an online payments platform that enables small businesses to pay expenses and collect sales entirely via credit cards — to and from anyone, anywhere. With this, Reap revolutionised the way businesses access cash flow through a credit card, digitised the way finances and transactions are done, and brought core parts of business processes online.

As we move forward, Reap will continue to innovate businesses' financial operations with technology and build better tools for financing, transactions, data, automation and more.

Reap is supported by an empowering group of investors; including Global Founders Capital, BAI Fund, Index Ventures, Fresco Ventures and Hustle Fund. Our people reaches across Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.

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Reap is a platform that allows Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to pay all operating expenses (ie. rent, salaries, suppliers, etc.) using a credit card. Through credit cards, SMES would gain instant access to inexpensive capital and immediately improve operational cash flow/working capital. Founded by an early Stripe employee and a former investor in emerging markets Asia, Reap looks to leverage transaction data and existing banking relationships to build a full stack credit-based payments system for all Asian SMEs.

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