Startup Profile Validation

Startup profile validation takes up to 1 working day. Your events and job posts will only be visible on the platform if you have a validated startup profile.

Here are the bare bone requirements to get your profile validated and visible to the public:

  • Your company email address to manage the profile (we want to make sure your profile is legit!)
  • A nice logo of your company
  • Link to your company website (let people know where to find you!)
  • Your product (A shameless plug for your product is welcomed)

Posting jobs on WHub

Posting a job on the WHub platform is free, all you need to do is to sign up as a startup and get your startup profile validated.

*Sponsor your job to pin it at the top of our job board for 14 days at the price of HKD300.

Expired job post

Job posts on WHub will be deactivated after 3 months to ensure all job posts on WHub is up to date. If you are still looking to hire after the 3-month period, you can duplicate the job post to create a new post again.

Multi-user function

You can now delegate the job of managing your startup profile on WHub to your team member simply by adding them as an employee of your startup. Please noted that employees will have access to editing your startup profile, managing job openings, job applications and mailbox etc, with the exception of deleting the startup profile and the "Employee" page.

Share your startup events

We support all kinds of events related to entrepreneurship!

For startups, you need a validated startup profile before publishing an event on WHub.

For other startup event organizer, they can showcase their event on WHub's website through a partnership deal with WHub. We are happy to come on board as a supporting organization and promote the event via our event calendar, Facebook, LinkedIn as well as newsletter. If you are interested in discovering more about the partnership opportunities, please let me know!


Apply for jobs

To apply a job on the WHub platform is free, all you need to do is sign up on the WHub platform as a talent here: sign-up.

After being an active talent on WHub, you can apply different kinds of job opportunities on the platform.