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6 questions to Timothy Ng, CIO at Now Healthcare

January 16, 2017 by Stephanie Lau, W Hub - W Hub


Now Healthcare’s CIO, Timothy Ng, is a technology evangelist who has a diverse exposure in industries ranging from financial services to digital marketing. Lee (Founder and CEO of Now Healthcare) and Timothy share the same passion of empowering the inefficient and archaic health sector with new technology, especially mobile devices. From a digital standpoint, Timothy notes the health sector is the next big piece that can benefit exponentially from technology by utilizing data. Triggered by disappointing experiences with obtaining timely doctors’ appointment, Lee and Timothy ambitiously aim to make healthcare services accessible to everyone by bringing together insights they have gained in all walks of industries.

Question asked by Stephanie (Q); Tim’s Answer summarized by Stephanie (A)

Q: What are the key challenges and opportunities faced by the Telemedicine Industry nowadays?

A: The key challenge is around behavior. People are still very used to seeing doctors face-to-face. To change that consumer behavior is something very challenging for the industry. On the other hand, with the soaring mobile phone penetration rate, there is an opportunity for us to access and utilize the data easier than ever. We are also constantly exploring new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. One example is Vocal Biomarkers that can detect the emotions of a person and present real-time information for doctors. How stressed or display the emotional state of the patient – very useful in Mental Health. The next major wave of innovation of the industry is all about AI, machine learning and big data and how we can analyze it to generate insights for both patients and doctors.

Q: NHS is currently one of your largest organizational partners and is also pivotal to the success of Now Healthcare nationwide offerings. Could you share the approach behind this successful Private-Public-Partnership (PPP)?

A: We originally built the platform for private healthcare, which we have acquired large corporate clients and are currently servicing over a million people. By the end of this year, the number of people we serviced will rocket to over 20 million.

Owing to the success, we have proven our system is flexible and well-functioned. Then, we approached the NHS accordingly. We are part of the NHS digital accelerator, which allows us to embark conversations with various bodies within the NHS organization and discuss how we can integrate our solutions into their existing systems. Our system is global in scope and can be geo-replicated to allow us to function and adhere to regulations in multiple health sectors. For example, we have a system that caters for doctors but can as well be easily customized to function for nurses, other types of doctors and medical professionals alike. In a nutshell, it is crucial to have a flexible system for the NHS to understand and evaluate, providing a single platform that can provide them with access to IoT devices and a single gateway to integrate future technologies. Additionally, we reckon the key thing to most people is security around patient records data. Hence, we have also imposed strict guidelines on how we access and safeguard our data. We were the first in the UK to be fully audited and signed off with a perfect record by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which regulates the UK Health sector.

Q: What is the key barrier when negotiating a partnership with complex government bodies like the NHS?

A: The key barrier is always down to the size. When dealing with a large body like the NHS, there are a lot of governance and meetings involved. In a way, the government can also be cautious about technology. Ultimately, we resolved their concerns on system integration and provide a gateway to the future. The crucial part involves helping the NHS understand how various pieces of technology work together and function effectively. Our systems are geared towards benefiting different parties in the health care system. We have heard doctors considering to quit their profession due to long in-office hours. We aim to reduce doctors’ workload and give back some of the work-life balance to them. With our product, one can virtually log in from a home office; it provides flexibility for doctors to fulfill their work hours from the comfort of home office. The experience has found to be especially rewarding for doctors who have families.

Q: Do you foresee the same success that Now Healthcare has achieved in the U.K. to come along in developing countries?

A: It depends on which country. For example, South Africa has a fairly high mobile phone penetration rate. In certain places of South Africa, people have even adopted cryptocurrency. Hence, it all boils down to the demographics of the developing country itself. Mobile phones and especially telecommunications are local and readily available. The technology is becoming more and more accessible and is the cheapest form of communications for a lot of countries.

Q: Where would you be considering in terms of geographical expansion for Telemedicine?

A: Generally, we think the requirements and challenges are very similar across the globe, except for local regulations. We think Hong Kong has a great underpinning as there is a tight partnership between the private and public sector. Currently, we are interested in investigating JV opportunities in the area. Moreover, we are also actively exploring solutions for out-of-hospital patient care, which is one of the key interest areas for the Hospital Authority in Hong Kong.

Q: What are the HealthTech verticals that you are constantly keeping an eye on?

A: IoT and Wearables because they help feed data. These data can be made available to doctors for consultations. On top of that, the data also serves in providing real-time information that can be mapped to a users’ general markers (when they are healthy). Medical adherence is a key development which we are pushing forward with the help of biomarkers by helping people stay in their standard range of bio-markers through constant monitoring. Imagine your phone could intelligently notify you that you were about to become ill, overtired or even stress based on the biomarkers of even by the sound of your voice. This is the future we envisage and the key is making this information not just available to the user but also the medical professional during a consultation.

Lessons learnt on obtaining Government Support and Private-Public-Partnerships:

  • Flexibility and Compatibility – Having a system that is easily customized and highly compatible with the incumbent system.
  • Scalability – A scalable solution that fits well with many departments prevail one that is overly-specialized.
  • Track Record –  Successes acquired in the private sector could serve as a well-grounded support in the negotiation process.
  • All-Rounded – In a B2B2C model, it is important to think of a product that benefits not just the end users, but the service providers as well. In the case of Now Healthcare, their system takes into account the user experience of both doctors and patients.

Last but not least, a successful entrepreneur understands what the market wants and sees what direction it is heading. Lee and Timothy have demonstrated their vision well with the Now Healthcare brand. We look forward to seeing more aspiring HealthTech ventures in Hong Kong!

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5 in 5 minutes - January 13th, 2017
Hong Kong Startup News Round Up

January 13, 2017 - W Hub

Lalamove raises US$30M in series B

Lalamove, a Hong Kong-based logistics startup, has raised US$30 million in series B in a round led by Beijing's Xianghe Capital with the participation from Blackhole Capital, Mindworks Ventures and Crystal Steam.

The latest round brings Lalamove's total funding to US$60 million since its launch in 2013.  The funding will be used to support its expansion to over 100 cities in Asia by the end of 2017.

SpotHelp joins GoGet to take on Hong Kong and Malaysia

SpotHelp, the Hong Kong-based online platform for personal assistance service, has joined the Malaysia-based service provider GoGet, merging the two teams into one big family.

Tamim Batcha, Founder & CEO of SpotHelp says the merging of the two company enables them to bring new services to market. "Having the GoGet platform, launching GoGet Business & GoGet Premium (SpotHelp), enables us to service a much larger audience. Sharing knowledge with each other, from our growing pains to successes and working towards solving issues has been the cornerstone into making this marriage even stronger." he says.

Brinc Co-working space opens for application, calls for Tech and creative startups

Brinc Co-working at PMQ offers easy access to Hong Kong's tech and creative community at reasonable rates in the heart of Central. Startups get 24/7 exclusive entry to PMQ and the opportunity to meet startups working on projects in connected hardware, blockchain, and VR/AR. Startups will also get access to tech events at the Brinc IoT Hub and also be in the know about what’s happening at PMQ. 

Click here to submit the application

Boutir to help locals get ready for Lunar New Year Fair

Boutir, a mobile app for online store management, launched the Lunar New Year Fair campaign. Boutir launched a map for festival shoppers, which allows users to navigate the Lunar New Tear Fair at Vistoria Park in Hong Kong. The application services as a guide to all the goods from various stalls. Stallholders can use the app for online promotions, they can even launch pre-order campaign to boost sales via the app.

SuperCharger FinTech Accelerator Launches Its Second Programme for 2017

SuperCharger FinTech Accelerator launched its second programme on January 9 in the newly opened Cyberport FinTech Smart Space. SuperCharger welcomed its cohort of 8 FinTech start-ups and scale-ups – Bambu, Clare.ai, Entersoft, FinChat, Foris, KYC Chain, Squirro, and Xnotes Alliance – who will be collaborating with and learning from leading FinTech professionals over the next three months in the largest FinTech space in Asia.

Click here to see the full press release

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5 exciting events you can't miss during StartmeupHK Festival 2017

January 9, 2017 by W Hub - W Hub

In exactly one week later, the city will welcome the StartmeupHK Festival 2017 organized by InvestHK. Among the list of awesome events throughout the week, we want to highlight 5 events you simply can't miss!

Fintech O2O International Fintech Pitch Evening

Jan 16th, 2017 | 5pm - 8L30pm | @Smart-Space FinTech, Cyberport

NexChange and Cyberport will host the Fintech O2O International Fintech Evening, the largest financial forum in Asia during the StartmeupHK Festival. Companies and government entities from around the world such as Canada, United States, Russia, Finland, Singapore and the UAE will showcase their innovative financial and banking technologies.

Started in 2015, the Fintech O-2-O is a regular meetup in Hong Kong for like-minded FinTech entrepreneurs who recognize the impact of technology on traditional finance.

Get a 20% discount on the ticket using the promotional code: WHub20! Click here to register.

StartmeupHK Venture Forum

Jan 17th, 2017 | 5pm - 8:30pm | @Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

StartmeupHK Venture Forum - 5 events you can't miss at StartmeupHK Festival 2017

The StartmeupHK Venture Forum gathers entrepreneurs from different sectors as well as aspiring speakers under one roof to share ground-breaking ideas.

What will the future look like with the rise of leading edge technology? How has innovative technology accelerator the health care industry? What's next for the StartupNation? Enjoy a night full of delightful surprises and fresh idea together with like-minded people around the city.

The Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem - Insights And Trends

Jan 18th, 2017 | 7pm - 9:30pm | @WeWork WanChai

W Hub's HK Startup Ecosystem - Insights and Trends - 5 events you can't miss at StartmeupHK Festival 2017

Showcasing and celebrating the Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem and building on the success of the ultimate Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Toolbox white paper, this event will unite key community builders to present insights and information about startup trends and startup resources to the audience

W Hub has teamed up with the key players of the startup scene to create the ultimate Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Toolbox V.2. Who are the startups that exited or raised funding recently? Who are the startup community builders around the city? What kind of startup resources you can find in Hong Kong?

Discover insights related to the Hong Kong startup scene during the event and mingle with driven entrepreneurs in the city!

Click here to register for free!

Hong Kong Tech & Startups Job Fair #7

Jan 20th, 2017 | 11am - 5pm | @PMQ

W Hub's HK Tech & Startups Job Fair #7 - 5 events you can't miss at StartmeupHK Festival 2017

HK Startups scene has grown tremendously in the past few years, attracting Entrepreneurs and Talent over the world.

The HK Tech & Startup Job Fair aims to connect talented job seekers with the best HK-based startups.

Started in December 2014, the Hong Kong Tech& Startups Job Fair brings together undergraduates, graduate students, and seasoned professionals to one event, exclusively for startups.

Reach out to a W Hub member at hello@whub.io for any inquiry.

HealthTech Asia 2017

Jan 20th, 2017 | 9am - 6pm | @PMQ

HealthTech Asia 2017 - 5 events you can't miss at StartmeupHK Festival 2017

HealthTech Asia 2017 is an one day event that will be showcasing international healthtech start-ups as well as Hong Kong based ventures that are changing the way healthcare is delivered.

The theme for HealthTech Asia 2017 is "How can HealthTech find solutions to the challenges facing healthcare systems?". International start-ups will be presenting on their experiences of launching a mobile GP consultation platform and the use of virtual reality in pain management. 8 local start-ups will be pitching their latest innovations.

Get a 10% discount on the startup tickets using the promotional code: whub123 ! Click here to register.

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5 in 5 minutes - January 06, 2017
Hong Kong Startup News Round Up

January 6, 2017 by W Hub - W Hub

Startups rise 24% in 2016

Invest HK released the Invest Hong Kong 2016 start-up survey results during the launch of 2017 StartmeupHK Festival. A total of 1,926 start-ups are engaged in various tech sectors and are operating at co-working spaces, incubator or accelerator locations across Hong Kong. The number of startups in Hong Kong has an 24% increase in 2016.

The survey also shows at least 2,039 entrepreneurs were involved in these 1,926 start-ups, and 65% of them came from Hong Kong.

Join us at the 2017 StartmeupHK Festival!

Jan 18 | 7pm - 9:30pm | @WeWork Wan Chai

HK Tech & Startups Job Fair #7
Jan 20 | 11am - 5pm | @PMQ

Hong Kong's K2 Capital backs TempoGO

Mumbai-based TempoGO has raised US $825,000 in seed funding in a round led by Hong Kong's K2 Capital.

TempoGO is an IoT and SaaS solution startups for commercial transportation, the solution has been used on 1,800+ inter-city trips in India over the last 12 months.

Pokemon GO is about to change forever: Happic.co wants to help you catch Pokemon

Happic.co wants to help you catch Pokemon with the Happic band. The Happic band directs users to the nearest Pokemon using a patented combination of unique haptic vibrations around the wrist coupled with text information, letting you know the rarity and the expiration time of the nearby Pokemon. 

Want to be the first in line to get Happic band at an early bird rate? Click here to register

Third acquisition in 6 months: Carousell acquires Malaysia's Duriana

The Singapore-based P2P marketplace Carousell announced that it has acquired Malaysia-based mobile classifieds startup Duriana. Duriana's users will be migrated to the Carousell platform.

This is Carousell's third acquisition in less than six months.

Hong Kong and Shenzhen agree to develop innovation and tech park on border

Hong Kong and Shenzhen have signed a memorandum of understanding related to the development of Lok Ma Chau Loop into an innovation and technology park.  The park will be four times the size of Hong Kong Science Park, making it the city's largest innovation and technology platform.

Extra: China’s Mobike raises $215M

The Chinese bike-sharing app, Mobike, has raised US $215 million in Series D funding from investors including Tencent, after its launch in April 2016.

Mobike is available in nine cities in China currently, and the startup sets eyes on Singapore where it intends to launch before the end of March, according to Tech in Asia.

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#Startup101: Visa Application

January 2, 2017 by LCCS - LCCS

The Hong Kong startup scene is booming, if you want to be a part of it, whether to start your own business or to work in a startup as a talent, you will need a visa, which can be complicated sometimes. We are glad to share LCCS's article to help you get a better idea of how to get this done.

This article originally appeared on LCCS, see the original post here.

Besides a foreign domestic helper visa, student visa and dependent visa, you have two options: an investment visa or employment visa. By definition, an investment visa is for entrepreneurs who wish to establish or join in business in Hong Kong. Whereas an employment visa allows a person to be employed in Hong Kong as a professional.

Unless your initial investment is significant, an employment visa is considered easier to obtain, but it implies that you are employed by the company (i.e. you have an employment contract, payslips, payment of salaries, retirement plan, etc.). Moreover, for an investment visa, you need a Hong Kong resident sponsor whom you are acquainted with, which as a foreigner you may have difficulty finding. Finally, even if you apply for an investment visa, the Immigration Department may requalify your application for an employment visa.

According to the Immigration Department they normally take four weeks to process an employment or investment visa application upon receipt of all the required documents. Nonetheless, we frequently observed that the delay can easily be about 6 or even more weeks depending on the complexity of the case. Last but not least, please be aware that all applications are processed by the Immigration Department and accordingly, final approval is determined by them alone.


Local staff hiring is not required, but you will have to provide a feasible and serious business plan for both an investment and employment visa to the immigration department with your application. It is advisable to include in your business plan, details of local job opportunities the company will create, and actually intend to hire local staff for, in the future.


Hong Kong residents or persons who have been admitted for investment or employment may sponsor the application of a dependant visa for their spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18. Application for a dependant visa can take the Immigration Department up to six weeks to process upon receipt of all required documents.


  • Standard fee: HKD 15,000

(Includes provision of a draft business plan and review of its final version)

*W Hub resources: Get 50% Discount on incorporation fees now! Check out more great resources at www.whub.io/resources

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5 in 5 minutes - December 30th
Hong Kong Startup News Round Up

December 29, 2016 by W Hub - W Hub

SuperCharger to launch accelerator program 2.0

SuperCharger will launch its accelerator program 2.0 on January 9th. 8 startups including startups from Switzerland, Australia, and Singapore will enter the 2017 SuperCharger program. (Click here to join the launch day!)

SuperCharger is a 12-week FinTech accelerator program that assists with company building, mentorship and advice.

Click here to learn more about different accelerator programs available in Hong Kong

G3 Partners launches Insider Guide to Korea's Tech and Startup Ecosystem

G3 Partners has published "Insider Guide to Korea's Tech and Startup Ecosystem". A Slideshare that provides a detailed look at the Korean Startup Ecosystem, listing Korean support systems, investors and top performing startups to watch out in 2017.

And click here to see the Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Toolbox

Huawei reportedly acquires Israeli startup for US$42M

Huawei reportedly will acquire the database security and compliance solutions startup Hexatier, making it Huawei’s second acquisition of an Israeli company in three weeks. The deal is worth US $42 million according to Israeli financial daily Calcalist.

Click here to read on

India's HealthifyMe raises US$1M

The mobile fitness app startup HealthifyMe has received US$1 million funding from Neelesh Bhatnagar, an investor based in Dubai and Founder of NB Ventures. The funding will be used to recruitment and product innovation.

Earlier this year, the startup also raised US$6 million from IDG, Inventus Capital and Blume Ventures.

South Korea's Yello O2O secures US$21M

The South Korea-based O2O startup raised US $21 million from venture capital firm Q Capital Partners. The funding will be used to boost its accommodation and healthcare offerings. Yello Mobile, the holding company behind Yello O2O, claims to be valued at US$4 billion by investors.

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Accounting, Audit and Tax Filing: HK Requirements and Best Practices

December 26, 2016 by Desiree Da Silva - LCCS

Okay, so we know this isn’t exactly the most exciting topic, and while it might be tempting to leave your accounting matters to deal with later, it is something you should consider right from the moment you commence business. Procrastinating and a lack of understanding in this area can cost you a lot of unnecessary expense. That’s why we’ve written this article, to help you understand what is required of your company and based on our experience, we’ve included some best practices you should consider.

In Hong Kong, there are not many requirements, but among the few two are essential, one being audit and the other tax filing. But it is important to understand that in order to be able to file tax, you need to close accounts which requires auditing and to audit accounts you need to have proper accounting. In case you’ve had no operations, you will not need to submit audited accounts to the Inland Revenue Department for the tax filing. However, you should still audit your accounts as they are a basic requirement of all companies that you should have ready if requested.

Only a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can do the audit. The majority if not all CPA’s will typically offer a package for both audit and tax filing, but again to be able to audit accounts the CPA will need proper management accounts. You can appoint your CPA to do your accounting but note that because they are more qualified, they are more expensive while accounting can be done by anyone who knows how to do them but we will explain more about this further on. First, let’s understand what management accounts are.

Management accounts are made up of a Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and General Ledger. Whether you decide to issue management accounts monthly, quarterly or even yearly it is up to you, but sooner or later you must issue them. From experience, however, the later you start to do your accounting the more complicated it will get. It is always harder to recall spending and retrieve supporting documents at a later date. Therefore it is advisable to maintain monthly accounting particularly if you have a regular number of entries. Only if you have a very limited amount of entries should you consider to wait until the end of the quarter or even the year. In essence, the more accounting entries you have, the more often you should maintain your accounts.

Meanwhile, it is also worth dedicating time to managing your accounts on a regular basis as it can give you a clear view of your business. Accounting is a useful tool to manage your venture not to mention a necessary record you will have to provide potential investors with should you decide to apply for funding for example.

To maintain proper accounts you need two things 1) you must be well organized and 2) you need expertise, you either know how to do accounting, or you don’t. So, if you are well organized and know how to prepare management accounts you can consider to maintain your accounting yourself. While it may not be perfect, the most important thing to lower costs is that it should be easy for your appointed auditor to read and understand.

If however, you have no knowledge of accounting the minimum you can do yourself is to maintain well organized supporting documents. Then you can pass those documents to someone who understands how to issue management accounts.

Some people try to do the accounting themselves with little to no expertise to keep costs low but don’t take the risk of submitting messy accounts to your CPA. It might seem like you are saving money on accounting, but if you give your auditor disorganized unclear management accounts with missing documents and information, they will need to spend time redoing them in order to be able to do the audit. The more time your CPA spends reworking your accounts, the more expensive it will be for you in the long run.

At the same time, if your accounts are not well prepared you will face delays, which will also likely mean you will need to rush to get everything ready in time for your Profits Tax Filing deadline. A rush job also entails more fees from the CPA, especially in the case where you want to close your accounts at the end of December when many companies opt to close accounts. CPAs are so busy at this time of year that they are often in a position to turn down your business or to charge a premium. Of course, if you are in a rush, you will have no choice but to pay up. Don’t take the risk.

In summary, here are our main tips for you to consider:

  1. The first thing you should do is keep all your documents and keep them well organized.
  2. From the information you have compiled, you can then produce management accounts or appoint someone to do them for you. Noting that if you’ve kept organized records outsourcing your accounting will be less expensive.
  3. With good management accounts in place, you can then find an auditor to do the audit and normally they will offer to do the tax filing as well.
  4. Accounting, audit, and tax filing are all connected, if you do the first part well the last part will be easier and cheaper.

Need accounting, audit and tax filing services? Click here to contact LCCS!

This article originally appeared on LCCS, see the original post here.

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5 in 5 minutes - December 23rd
Hong Kong Startup News Round Up

December 22, 2016 by W Hub - W Hub

StartmeupHK Festival returns in January 2017

Started in 2013, StartmeupHK Festival will be held in January 2017 to celebrate and showcase Hong Kong vibrant startup ecosystem, which is also considered as a great event for startups in the city to showcase their business idea and mingle with possible business partners and investors in the region.

StartmeupHK Festival 2017 is a one-week long festival that featured keynotes, hackathons and talks from seasoned founders and investors in the region.

Some of the exciting events include HealthTech Asia, FinTech Finals and StartmeupHK Venture Forum.

*Great news:
W Hub is proud to collaborate with InvestHK to host another HK Tech & Startups Job Fair.








The job fair aims to connect talented job seekers with the best HK-based startups. This event will bring together undergraduates, graduate students, and seasoned professionals to one event, exclusively for startups.

Click here to know more about the job fair. And for talents, register here for free!

Hong Kong's Easyship raises funding from 500 Startups

Hong Kong-based logistic startup Easyship has raised an undisclosed amount of pre-series A funding from 500 Durians, 500 Startups' fund for the Southeast Asia market. Easyship also announced its penetration in Singapore. The money raised will be used in the company's operation in Singapore as well as for the expansion to other Southeast Asia in the future.

Hong Kong leads global IPO market in 2016

According to Deloitte China's National Public Offering Group, Hong Kong comes first in terms of the total initial public offering (IPO) funds raised at the end of 2016, closely followed by Shanghai and New York accordingly.

Read on>>

Appier raises US$ 19.5M in Series B

The Taipei-headquartered artificial intelligence company has raised US$19.5 million in Series B funding from Pavilion Capital International Pte Ltd, WI Harper Group, FirstFloor Capital, and Qualgro. The round of funding brings Appier's total funding to US$49.5 million to date.

The company also announced its pilot launch Aixon Platform in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore.

China's Spearhead acquires San Francisco's Smaato for US$148M

Beijing-based offline marketing service provider Spearhead Integrated Marketing Communication Group has acquired Smaato for US$148 million, opening doors for Chinese brands to run international mobile campaigns as they expand the business out of China.

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A Global Team with a Global Mission: See Inside zkipster

December 19, 2016 by Zkipster - zkipster

If you ask anyone at zkipster what their goal is, you might get any number of different replies: keep things simple, make them work, help event planners create amazing experiences, build the best event management software possible. But at the core of it is one mission we all share: helping event professionals around the world create perfect guest experiences

Creating that perfect experience is no small task, which is why the tools we build are designed for each of the key steps along the way. From sending out beautiful custom invitations, to seamlessly managing guest lists pre-event and on-site, easily setting up seating and name badge printing, and then getting insightful analytics on how it all went down.

Anything less than top-notch tools for each of those steps could easily flub the experience. At zkipster, it’s always about delivering exactly what event professionals need to ensure that doesn’t happen. As David Becker, CEO and Co-Founder of zkipster, puts it “At the best events in the world, there’s so much at stake. On a red carpet, on a televised event, on a global movie premier. If things go wrong, our clients would lose their jobs.”

Part of what keeps the team so energized and excited about making the best tools for the world’s best events is the massive response from event professionals who try zkipster and discover it’s the right match. Thanks to the fiercely loyal subscriber base, active in over 100 different countries, David says that “zkipster is what it is today because it has been passed on, it’s been a viral and organic growth of referrals.”

And that is felt by everyone on the zkipster team. Even though the whole team is strategically spread around the major event capitals of the world, from New York and Hong Kong to London, the shared enthusiasm is palpable.

“We’re not in the same room, but we’re all working toward the same goal. And everybody can feel that, and that’s very powerful” David says with a smile – even when the team is dialing in to the global monthly meeting from eight or more different locations around the world at once. But that’s all in a day’s work serving the event community worldwide.

This article originally appeared on Zkipster, click here to check out more awesome articles by them


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5 in 5 minutes - December 16th
Hong Kong Startup News Round Up

December 16, 2016 by W Hub - W Hub

Latest Update: Floship secures US$3,5M in pre-series A

Hong Kong-based Floship has secured US$3.5M million pre-series A funding from Taiwan’s Cherubic Ventures, Hong Kong’s Big Bloom and Empiricus Capital and China’s Regent Capital. 

Floship’s technology currently integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Dear Systems and Aftership. The company plans to use the investment to accelerate development and serve more customers on a wider variety of ecommerce platforms. 

Betatron, HK's newest accelerator program to launch in February

Betatron, Hong Kong's newest accelerator program that runs in boot camp style will launch on 13th February, taking on 5 startups for their first cohort.

The application will close on 16th November, click here to register!

Want to know more? Click here to learn more from StartupsHK!

And click here to see their WeWork event review!

ReadWrite Labs accelerator open for application

ReadWrite Labs, the world's first and leading accelerator focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Connected World, is accepting applications for their January 2017 class. The four-week accelerator program is specifically designed to provide founders with education and expertise on APAC manufacturing and prototyping, the APAC market, APAC fundraising, financial technologies (FinTech) and smart cities.  Readwrite Labs Hong Kong is located within Cyberport.

Click here to learn more about the program!

Marcopolee launches in Singapore to help you find better exchange rate with ease

Marcopolee, the Australia-based P2P marketplace, launched in Singapore . Users can exchange currency through the platform without commission fees.

However, Marcopolee is not the only startup trying to conquer the market. Earlier this year, Get4x launched in May and provide real-time currency exchange rate from nearby moneychangers. How Get4x works? Click here to see the interview we did with Get4x!

Over 80% Hong Kong millennial employees feel the need to upgrade digital skills

According to a survey conducted by Randstad, 81% Hong Kong millennial employees feel they need to brush up their digital skills.

Click here to read more! 

Hong Kong's securities regulator launches cybersecurity review after breaches

According to Reuters, the regulator is reviewing brokers' internet and mobile trading systems to enhance control over cyber attacks after customer accounts were breached.

Click here to learn more 

Extra: Taiwan's Codementor secures $1.6M to help startups hire developers

Taiwan-based Codementor secured US$1.6 million in a round led by WI Harper, with the participation from Techstars and 500 Startups.

Click here to read on