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This job has expired.

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Social Media Support Wanted


Hong Kong

Media / Blogger / Social media

starting date : 2017-12-01

meo can not provide a visa.


Meo is a Hong Kong based, health focused company providing businesses and governments innovative technology solutions to common environmental concerns. Meo has recently launched blue- the air quality improvement platform designed for corporates, schools, businesses, and governments to understand and take control over their exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution. Following the launch of our sales in September 2017 our current focus is to enlarge our client base.

 We are opening an INTERNSHIP opportunity for a student of media/communications in order to develop video clips to be added to our website and used in social media.


  • Develop a set of up to 5 testimonial 1-3min video of current customers. Develop the story and execute the video (from idea to final product)
  • Develop a set-up video tutorial (from idea to final product)
  • Develop a 1-2min video on ‘blue on the road’, collate pictures of devices in different settings –intersections, malls etc- showing different readings and change of readings. Including also pictures from other locations where our devices are present today.


  • Language: excellent proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Experience/knowledge in social media and marketing video making
  • Strong communication and storytelling skills
  • Enthusiastic, motivated, creative, resourceful and eager to create dynamic, innovative and interesting video pieces.


  • 3-month assignment
  • Internship
  • Flexibility of time
  • Weekly deliverables


Salary range / month :  none

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Created on: 2017/11/14

This job has expired.

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