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Providing businesses and governments a tool to understand the root causes of indoor pollution and how to address them sustainably

Urban air pollution is negatively affecting human health, causing 8 million deaths per year in addition to chronic diseases and conditions that are harmful and disrupt the daily life of millions across the globe. Individuals, institutions and governments can do more to increase protection from air pollution, but they need to have more precise information to know what are the best measures to take. meo's platform is an air quality assessment platform that helps businesses and governments better understand air quality pollutants patterns, and identify the sources of pollutants, to learn how to take action and to monitor that measures to improve air quality are being effective.

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  • Saketaram Soussilane
    Founder, CEO & CTO
    Saketaram has 15+ years experience in banking and trading and is passionate about daily behaviors to bring well-being. He is an Electrical Engineer... Read More
  • Maria L. Restrepo
    Co-founder, CMO
    Maria has 10+ years experience in public health campaigns and health communication management. Her passion is to bring health considerations to the... Read More
  • Lyndon Wheeler
    Co-founder, COO
    Lyndon has 10+ years experience in structured finance and has lived in Asia with his family for the last 9+ years, in both Hong Kong and Singapore ... Read More