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This job has expired.

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Assistant Project Manager Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong ,   Islands, NT


starting date : 2020-04-27

C&R Wise AI Limited can not provide a visa.


We cannot provide a working visa.

C&R is a dynamic Artificial Intelligence company with a strong startup culture.  We have a team of high caliber, devoted, and passionate software professionals with an in-depth knowledge in the latest Artificial Intelligence technology.  At C&R, we look for self-starters that are capable of turning the latest and greatest ideas into the realities that transform and shape our future.   As part of our commitment to develop promising talent into top industry practitioners, C&R has put together the“Associate Project Manager (APM) Programme”, inspired by a world-famous, industry-leading management program developed at Google. We are looking for committed individuals who can be molded into the next generation of leaders in the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning solutions, for Hong Kong and beyond. We are looking for people without hardwired ideas about our industry, who are adaptable, and with the abilities of a highly-skilled generalist. Our Programme is rigorous, extremely competitive, and incredibly rewarding for those who complete it. The right attitude to join this programme is not that of an experienced project or product manager, in whatever field. We are not looking for‘old dogs to teach new tricks to’ — we are looking for people that show promise, that are highly receptive to new ideas and approaches, and that are looking to take a challenge and adapt to the mold we are convinced will succeed in this field in the future.    Our APM Programme is a 2-year on-the-job scheme. Inductees will start as Assistant Project Managers, and after a year be promoted to Associate Project Managers as they pass to the next level in our organisation. Upon graduation, inductees will be promoted to the role of Project Manager with C&R.   Key Attributes Our interview process involves many steps, all carefully designed to filter past noise and buzzwords to get to the root of who are candidates are at a whole-person level.  


  • Leadership material — a propensity to be decisive without sacrificing honesty or integrity
    An analytical, curious personality, with a knack for problem-solving, particularly through creative or innovative means
  • A determined, driven disposition — the ability to built trust and inspire through commitment and passion
  • A keen interest in the fields of engineering & technology, applied sciences, and/or business innovation
    Common sense — an embodiment of pragmatism


  • Bachelor’s degree from a top/recognized university
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English, with an ability to communicate concisely and follow on both abstract and highly technical communications
  • Previous exposure to system analysis, system design, and gathering user requirements in a context of project management is a big plus
  • A competitive streak — a demonstrable history of extracurricular or academic accomplishments

The Role As Assistant Project Manager at C&R, your primary responsibility is to maintain cutting-edge mission-critical applications and AI-related systems. While assisting Project Managers, you will also be responsible for developing systems of knowledge, training other people in those systems, as well as continuously evaluating such systems as well as the people trained therein.  

  • Provide daily user support
  • Provide problem investigation and resolution
  • Provide technical support in collaboration with other colleagues
  • Involvement with various project management tasks such as liaise with internal and external business users, assist in the preparation of project proposal and project related documentation
  • Apply application fixes
  • Perform testing
  • Prepare relevant documentation
  • Prepare production change
  • Support system operations and maintenance
  • Liaise with Engagement Team to help distribute internal resources and formulate strategy, as well as work with clients to handle customer expectations and specifications
  • As our company is a growing startup, we will also require APM candidates to be able to excel at the following skills.Brainstorming, especially in relation to new applications of our Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology
  • Testing and refining new business models
  • Designing and testing value propositions
  • Testing use cases
  • Additional Requirements   Due to the nature of various projects that our company is currently working on, utmost preference will be given to candidates who have experience in one or several of the following industries.  
  • Logistics / Transportation
  • Oil & Gas / Mining
  • Construction / Real Estate

In addition, as our company grows, we will require our APM candidates to draw upon an exhaustive range of skills in order to satisfy the needs of our clients both in Hong Kong and around the world. The below qualifications are preferred in order to ensure the competitiveness of our people, and therefore, the programme itself.  

  • Fluency in Mandarin Chinese; or
  • Fundamental knowledge and/or understanding of Python, JavaScript or other major programming language
    Location: Chek Lap Kok
    Employment Type Full-Time

Successful applicants can expect a competitive salary package with full benefits.

You will be working with   Raymond Wong, CEO


Salary range / month :  < HK$ 20k

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Created on: 2020/04/01

This job has expired.

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