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We use AI to make cities smarter, friendlier and happier.
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C&R Wise AI is an innovative software company that has a passion for using AI to build mission critical software applications for large infrastructure concerns. Our overall goal is to make cities smarter, friendlier and happier - we believe that technology can be a driving force for cities to improve the quality of life of every single one of its inhabitants. We currently have a team of just under 30 individuals all committed to working towards an AI future, powered by C&R.

For information on our previous company (C&R Holdings Limited), please visit: https://www.candrholdings.com/

Our product increases the reliability and accuracy of mission critical infrastructure systems and supports the expansive infrastructure management needed to grow cities and their transportation networks. We have developed software and systems for large-scale projects and clients, and have proven to be a reliable partner in helping cities grow and move forward into the next age of technology.

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    Raymond Wong
    Raymond is our CEO and a passionate software developer, he enjoys leading his team to build cutting-edge AI applications, while actively participat... Read More
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    Wing Chan
    Administrative and Talent Acquisition Associate
    I believe that always maintaining professional behavior, treating colleagues with respecting their preferences, opinions and culture.