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This job has expired.

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Senior Software Developer Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong ,   Wan Chai, HK


starting date : 2019-03-21

C&R Wise AI Limited can provide a visa.


C&R Wise AI is an Artificial Intelligence startup that is working on several high-profile projects ... with much more to come and actively in the pipeline. Our company is already profitable and growing, and in this key stage of expansion we are excited to find highly skilled and highly motivated individuals to be part of our team.

Already, our client list includes the MTR Corporation and the Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AAHK), operators of the Hong Kong Airport. We are excited to expand even further and are looking for senior software developers to perform key software development tasks within the company, as well as take our AI/ML projects to the next level. We welcome all candidates with significant skill and experience in different disciplines of software development, including but not limited to: backend development, full stack development, and mobile development.

Candidates whose qualifications and experience exceed the requirements for this role will be automatically considered for the more senior positions of: Delivery Lead / Development Lead and Solution Architect. Please state your interest for these more senior level positions when applying.

Key Qualifications

- Undergraduate CS/CE/EE or other relevant degree*
- Possess analytical and problem solving skills; good communication skills
- Passion for software development and latest technologies

*In lieu of a degree, qualified applicants may also have large amounts of relevant experience, particularly in AI


As a software developer at C&R, you will be tasked with developing dynamic AI applications and critical back-end systems that involve a strong grasp of machine learning, particularly deep learning. One of our main products right now involves Visual Analytics, so experience in this field will be a big plus.

However, as our company is also currently working on other projects outside the field of AI, thus we also welcome developers with more generalized experience yet a keen interest in the field.

Primary responsibilities will include:

- Designing and developing applications and software/hardware systems to enhance the productivity of commercial users
- Maintaining enterprise-grade cloud-based services

Additional Requirements

Preferred qualifications:

- Knowledge of HTML5 technologies including JavaScript
- Knowledge of Python is highly preferred
- Knowledge of mobile operating system including iOS and Android
- Knowledge of cloud computing such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service

You will be working with   Raymond Wong .


Salary range / month :  HK$ 60k-80k

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Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society


Created on: 2019/03/20

This job has expired.

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