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This job has expired.

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Singapore Country Manager Wanted

Full time



starting date : 2018-01-31

Xccelerate can provide a visa.


About Accelerate 
Accelerate is a data-driven socially aligned education startup that bridges the gap between education and employment across innovation verticals including software engineering, data science, machine learning/deep learning, BlockChain, UI/UX, DevOps and product management. We make immersive education accessible (with Asia’s only “Zero Tuition Until You’re Hired” tuition policy) and align incentives with our students to optimise their outcomes. In doing so, we make it easy for companies to hire top talent they will not find through traditional hiring practices.

Who We Are Looking For 
We are looking for a Singapore Country Manager as we commence international expansion. This is a senior level leadership position and the candidate will be responsible for the quality delivery of all Accelerate courses. You will be part of an exciting entrepreneurial opportunity that builds a new business from scratch with the support of an international team passionate about educational outcomes.

As the Country Manager, you will be responsible for all aspects of the Accelerate experience and business execution. This includes: 
• Product Execution & Delivery 
• Building a Team and Business from Ground Up 
• Go-to-Market & Business Development 
You will actively participate in or lead strategic initiatives to improve and advance curriculum to enhance the Accelerate learning experience and facilitate the successful expansion of the program to include the most relevant content and to explore and execute course offerings that address market needs.

Job Description 
- Create, experiment with and manage sales and marketing strategies by targeting select demographics, industries and companies that will benefit from Accelerate 
- Ensure quality deployment of all educational programs that are consistent with international curriculum standards, instructional qualifications etc.

- Drive Accelerate’s Singapore presence: website, social media, online engagement, advertising, events, PR, etc 
- Collaborate with the CEO and Senior Leadership Team in expanding the company’s scope and areas of service in Singapore to drive student success stories and P&L 
- Recruiting, hiring and managing a team of instructional and non-instructional 
members. Inspiring the team to achieve extra-ordinary success. 
- Define go-to-market strategy and connect with the right partners in the community that will help accomplish each tactical goal: government, business chambers, industry trade bodies, media, general public and communities 
- Proactively engage with the business community to determine new trends and incubate new profitable services and products 
- Actively pursuing feedback and building relationships with hiring companies on their needs as technology and business needs change

Job Requirements 
- 5+ years of experience in operations, management, consulting, investment banking or similar demanding role with a results-orientated mindset 
- Data-driven decision making is your default for making judgements 
- A passion for innovative education and technology. You must be eager to shape the skills, minds, and trajectories of Accelerate students. 
- A high standard for excellence and constantly pushing the boundary to change more and more lives 
- Highly ambitious, fearless and driven to tackle the multitude of obstacles in 
launching a new business 
- Entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to figure challenges out 
- Eager to under-promise and over-deliver in customer adoption etc

Success will be measured on key metrics including: graduation rates, time to 
employment, success on the job (hiring partner assessments), city P&L and student’s rating of the quality of the education they receive from Accelerate.

- Highly competitive salary with potential for major bonuses for excellent outcomes 
- Health, wellness and other team benefits 
- Surrounded by high-caliber professionals immensely passionate about our mission 
- Open, friendly, and vibrant culture 
- Immense pride and satisfaction every 16 weeks, when students successfully 
transform from untapped technologists into employable tech leaders

Start-up Culture 
Accelerate is a startup and all staff, including the country lead, are expected to jump in and help when needed in different roles. This may include participating in events, writing blogs or other content to promote the business, ideation, coaching/mentoring students, and participating in meetings and discussion that extend beyond the realm of a traditional Country Manager role. We expect team members to work hard and contribute to the best of their ability.

You will be working with   Lavine Hemlani CEO


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  Negotiable

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Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society


Created on: 2018/01/10

This job has expired.

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