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Founded on the vision that the greatest opportunity for improving lives is education, Xccelerate aspires to reinvent tech education and hiring to address the colossal talent challenges in Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Blockchain and Design. We achieve outcomes for individuals and enterprises by leveraging our expert instructors, proprietary curriculum, corporate training programs and deployable learning platform.

Our campuses pioneer teaching innovation with deferred tuition options to democratise tech education. Xccelerate graduates form a unique talent pipeline for leading start-ups and MNCs to solve hiring challenges. Our learning and training platforms empower other organisations to keep ahead with technology Acceleration.

Till date, Xccelerate has trained 700+ professionals and boasts a 91% hiring success rate in our immersive programs. We have powered enterprise training and graduate placements to various industry leaders including IBM, Johnson Electric, AXA, Veolia,, Standard Chartered, and ANX.