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In Hong Kong, 25,000 suffer from stroke every year. While the golden recovery period for stroke is 3 – 6 months post incident, it could easily take up to 2 - 3 years for an average stroke patient to fully recover. Conventional rehabilitation therapies require heavy labour force.
With a sizeable shortage of professional therapists, our community is eager for products which can improve the efficiency for rehabilitation.

At Zunosaki, we believe that effective rehabilitation solutions should be made available to everyone.

Combining neuro-rehabilitation theory and robotic technologies, Zunosaki is devoted to bring effective rehabilitation solutions to our communities at an affordable cost. We have developed an upper limb robotic exoskeleton which is able to help stroke survivors regain the ability to freely control their impaired hand again.

By detecting the user’s intention of movement and assisting them to complete the intended action, not only can our portable device helps the patient regain muscle control, but also improves the productivity of physiotherapists and occupational therapists.