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Zolima CityMag inspires, educates, amuses
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We believe there is always something meaningful to learn or rediscover about a destination, either as a first time traveller or local resident.

We hope our stories inspire curious minded people to see the world with fresh and curious eyes.

Zolima CityMag inspires, educates, amuses.

We are not a typical travel magazine or city guide; we don’t provide simple lists of things to do or trendy tourist destinations. Instead, we are passionate about diving deep into the essence of the city to find stories that span the human spectrum.
We offer a single source of in-depth articles and fresh content that takes a traveler or a local resident closer to the soul of a city by speaking to the intelligence of our readers.
Zolima CityMag covers art, history, culture, heritage, design and people.

We are building a community of like minded people who are also about to enjoy a wide set of inspiring, meaningful, alluring yet practical services only possible through IT solutions.

Our first city is Hong Kong. More vibrant cities will be covered subsequently.

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  • Nicole
    Nicole Andrianjaka de Surville
    Founder - Publisher
    Nicole Andrianjaka de Surville is the founder of Zolima CityMag. Skilled in strategic business development and prospecting new opportunities in the... Read More
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    Christopher Dewolf
    Managing Editor and contributor
    Christopher DeWolf is a seasoned Canadian journalist who has lived in Hong Kong for several years. Christopher's work on urbanism, architecture, de... Read More