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Zocialab Technology Limited is a company based in Hong Kong, founded by CityU undergraduate students. We envision to make changes in the world by empowering people to achieve beyond their limits. Although this is just the beginning of our journey, we seek to become the companion of our customers to hold their hands at the moment of need and facilitate the well-being of the whole.

Despite the fact that people are focused on online interaction with various social media. We believe that the F2F element cannot be overlooked in business networking and meetings. In the vision to connect diverse talents worldwide, Zocialab came up with our product CONNECT, a professional networking application that seeks to facilitate the face-to-face networking procedure of business professionals through a distance-based AI recommendation algorithm. More specifically, Our product suggests new connections nearby to help the users know about their potential business partners around them. Moreover, users will be able to minimize time waste in finding the right people to network through pre-viewing the information provided by CONNECT user portfolios.

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    Chung Un Lee
    Co-founder / Executive Officer
    Has worked in startups in Korea as a founding member. Capable of running a business and attracting investment.
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    Wonmoo Yang
    Co-founder / Marketing Director
    Has worked in a startup as a marketing director in Korea. Capable of successfully attracting initial users.
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    Ernest Lee
    Co-founder / Developing Director
    Full-time Full-Stack Developer with expertise in data science. Explores the user database and provides in-depth analysis of user behaviors.
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    Cory Lee
    Co-founder / Technology Officer
    Full-time Full-Stack Developer with expertise in web programming and mobile applications.