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We don't like to wait in line. We believe nobody else does either. That's why we invented zkipster - Guest List Solutions.

But that’s just the beginning.

zkipster's services are constantly evolving under the direction of our NYC-based team, and in partnership with Nadine Johnson & Associates, a global PR powerhouse. Close collaboration with the world's leading brands in luxury, media and fine arts facilitates our mission to change the way brands run events.

Through listening to the needs of the best, we provide our exemplary service.

The future is digital. Join the industry standard now.

zkipster is the leading event management software for the world’s best events. Event professionals rely on zkipster for its fast, reliable,
and secure online invitations, guest list app, and smart event analytics. Galas, premieres, fundraisers, product launches, conferences,
and corporate events are powered by zkipster every day. Since launching in 2009, zkipster has been used to check in over 8 million
guests across more than 100 countries. The zkipster team of event, design, and tech influencers operates globally with bases in North
America, Europe, and Asia, all united around one goal: helping create the perfect guest experience.

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