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With ZhenHub you do not have to worry about your logistical operations. We are here to help automate your ecommerce fulfillment so you can focus on your business and not have to worry about your inventory or whether your customer received their package. Our platform will provide a complete overview of all your shipments globally. Although we automate your fulfillment process, ZhenHub will still have logistical experts to assist with optimizing your supply chain and are there to help every step of the way.

ZhenHub assists with international package & freight quotations, warehouse & fulfillment, platform integrations, reporting and analytics. Explore our platform and learn about how we can help you.

ZhenHub is a cloud-based inventory and order management system for eCommerce retailers to automate logistics. Manage all your inventory and orders from a single online dashboard. No more data entry, spreadsheets and emails. Integrate your sales channels like Shopify, automatically fulfill your orders and automate your fulfillment process. Save time and focus on growing your business.

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