Zestora has built to solve the problem by presenting best-in-class home therapy.
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Zestora has built to solve the problem by presenting best-in-class home therapy, pain solutions created by an international team of medical professionals.

The Zestora Solution:
-While there is no one-size-fits-all cure to all pain, advancements in medical technology around the world now provide many powerful solutions that work
-From herbal nutraceuticals and regenerative devices to oriental pain patches, many are non-invasive, cost effective, safe, promote actual recovery and can be used -from the comfort of home
-Patients simply have to figure out what these solutions are
-Zestora is a mobile solutions curation and delivery platform to solve this problem
-Zestora presents best-in-class home therapy pain solutions curated by an international team of medical professionals
-By partnering with manufacturers of these clinically proven solutions, we dramatically bring down treatment costs with a direct to consumer delivery model.

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