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The simple, pure and holistic living has always been the predominant guiding force, that co-founders Anita Patel and Sheetal Avlani have always abided by. On the lookout for a cleaner and a chemical-free alternative, the duo decided to come up with an all natural, chemical free deodorant - that works!

Why deodorants? Simply because most people do not realise the amount of toxic chemicals they are ingesting when using commercial brands. We are always taken in by the slick advertising and the glossy packaging and fail to pause and reconsider what we are consuming. Deodorants are directly absorbed by the skin and are as equally important as what you put into your mouth!

Zeroyet100 is more than a product, it is a lifestyle choice to be free of synthetic and harmful chemicals while embracing the benefits of nature. Our products are handcrafted using natural ingredients and we only produce products we truly believe in. We personally test all our products and formulas before production. We have 0% hesitation to promise you 100% satisfaction in keeping you fresh, odour-free and sweat-stain free all day, every day!

  • Sheetal Avlani
    Born and brought up in Mumbai, she is a health conscious woman who loves to pamper herself and her loved ones. She does everything wholeheartedly a... Read More
  • Anita Patel
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