Zenyum (HK) Ltd

We are here to help you smile!

We are a team of experienced dental experts, doctors and entrepreneurs who came together to provide a simple, effective solution to straighten teeth in Asia. The result, Zenyum.
Zenyum matches licensed dentists with cutting-edge technology to give our customers a confident smile at an unbeatable cost.
We treat our patients and partners like we treat our colleagues: With respect and the intention to generate meaningful and positive impact in their life.

Our 3D-printed Invisible Braces are a superior solution aimed at helping you achieve a confident smile. We mainly treat mild to moderate cases that require aesthetic corrections, focusing on your front teeth (top 6 and bottom 6 teeth). We are transforming the inequitable nature of the dental landscape by providing an affordable, effective and cutting-edge alternative to expensive and cumbersome treatments, while fully honoring regulations and the high quality standards.

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