WE ARE THE GOOGLE OF THE EDUCATION. To provide a platform for students to seek help in education or adults learning new
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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Mandela

Maximize Your Quality And Effectiveness Of Learning

Our goal is to help you select the perfect tutor that suits your needs.
Whether you are trying to learn or improve your skills on a particular subject, we are here to help you reach your goal.

In this startup, we are looking for partnership in creating a p2p website on education.

The ideal website would have a similar UI as Airbnb (older version).

Every Student in Hong Kong or China would attend tutorial classes or lessons with tutors outside school time. The aim of the website is to link tutors and students together.

To provide a platform for students to seek help in education or adults learning new abilities by matching teachers.

Target Area:
2014: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai
2015-2016: The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Taiwan, Japan
2017: Rest of the world

Target clients:
Teachers: Academics, Hobbies and Activities (mainly targeting education)
Students: school subjects, hobbies eg: piano lessons, maths, chemistry
Adults: Activities eg: cooking classes, spinning classes

above +
Team building courses, education camps at university or famous high school (Havard, Harrow)

Office team building


A p2p platform which allows different client to search for teachers.

2) Reviews
After each lesson or a period of lessons, students write a review and acknowledge the ability of the teacher. From this review system, students are more ensured to get a good teacher in future.
Teachers are also allowed to give reviews of students

3) Clear self introduction, hidden phone numbers and emails
Each teacher and student should have a clear page introducing him/herself.
Listing of hobbies, stating which subjects need help.
listing of personal achievements
hidden phone numbers and emails which prevent student to contact the teacher directly without using the platform

4) Communication messenger within the platform
Allow immediate enquiry and communication between teachers and students for follow up after each booking is made to ensure students are clear what to bring and where to go.

5) Clear calendar system
To show the availability of teachers and students and what time they will be teaching.

6) Schemes for students and teachers
In order to maintain students and teachers using this platform, a rewarding system should be introduced:

cash or service fee rebate after a period of lessons (100, 500,1000 lessons)
level system (similar to Weibo): using exp to show encourage them to use the platform, the higher level you are, the more chance of you being exposed to students which increase a chance of bookings.

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