Yourcar Technologies Limited

YourCar provides a fully automated, member exclusive carsharing service.
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YourCar originated from the many carsharing concepts and real life examples from around the world, we then tailored the concept to become what it is today, a members’ only model with pricing schemes to suit Hong Kong.

YourCar runs on a fully automated platform accessible only by our members. Our vehicles can be reserved and paid for by the hour or by day and the whole process from reservation to vehicle collection can be completed online or through our mobile applications unlike the complicated processes needed for traditional car rental and p2p car sharing operations.

YourCar aims to provide you with a professional, convenient and quality assured carsharing service. At the same time we hope to care for our city and environment by lessening congestion and pollution through reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

YourCar will continue to strive for better solutions for our members and the environment. We aim to be the standard for the industry and allow our members to access our versatile fleet of vehicles at any time.

YourCar can replace your need to own many types of vehicles and suffer depreciation losses. Also, YourCar will be responsible for all maintenance from cleaning to oil change saving you the hassle from maintenance worries.

YourCar is not here to replace other public transportation options, but rather to fill a niche where public transportation cannot currently fill. When you have goods to move, traveling with children and the elderly or on other occasions when public transportation lacks the flexibility to complete your required trip easily, YourCar may well be the solution you need. YourCar has a comprehensive fleet including many different types of vehicles (MPVs, luxury sedans, small city cars etc.) You are free to choose the right vehicle to suit your needs and with our membership card in hand, you can switch between types anytime you like!

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