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YOU. is the FIRST 3rd party provider of a vertical SaaS for attraction businesses in Asia. Through benchmarking data & insight, we analyze the real market situation for tourism attractions and help improve their competitiveness.

Our goal is to create a data community for attractions and spread the idea that friendly competition and market transparency breeds a culture that encourages everyone to fight hard to win their marketshare, while profiting from a shared growth in visitors to your city.

We believe that time spent together is priceless, but we can help our clients make it PROFITABLE.

In China and other Asian countries, the competition between attractions/destinations is becoming increasingly fierce. Without a long-term strategy and data support, it’s difficult for attractions/destinations to survive and achieve sustainable development, and it’s also difficult for investors to obtain accurate and feasible investment plans!

At the same time, when we're faced with so much available data, how do we make sense of it? And more importantly, how do you use it?

YOU. provides business insight reports for a data-backed decision making.

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    Jenny You
    Founder & CEO
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    Elle Rex
    Founder & Brand Director
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