Yellow Korner Asie Limited

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YellowKorner is dedicated to providing a space for talents from various photography trends to display their finest works.

Responding to YellowKorner's kind request, esteemed photographers have accepted to exceptionally increase the print volume of some of their finest work, to make prices more affordable.

YellowKorner's ambition is to raise interest in art photography within Hong Kong and the whole Asian region, and to make it accessible to as many art enthusiasts and amateurs as possible.

YellowKorner was founded in 2006 by two French art lovers who shared the same ambition: to promote art photography and introduce talented photographers from all over the world. YellowKorner exhibits and markets art photographs, which are limited editions, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

YellowKorner already has a strong presence in Europe and in the United States and has entered the Asian market for about one year now.

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