Yellow Fever

Democratizing high end and spreading a lifestyle
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Spreading a lifestyle through fashion, innovation and technology. Democratizing high end and humanizing the globe one continent at the time.

Our customers are people with a certain lifestyle, somehow involved in a creative or executive role, passionate about art, fashion, film, travelling, and discovering new things. They have a sense of community and are men and women mostly in their 20's to early 40's.

The Problem: Clothing is one of the basic needs of a human being and in today's fashion world, fast fashion seems to be taking over the market but it is leaving behind a not so good after taste. The lack of quality in the raw materials and production fails to serve a market that wishes for more than fashion trends and fads. For some reason most designers seem to be scared of the advances in technology and integrating technology into the fashion designs leading to a shift in spending interest by the new millennial generation that rather spend the money on technology gadgets and sees fashion as an extension of self rather than a Justin Beiber's copycat.

Also, one of the biggest problem in our fast pasted society that causes a lot of time wasting and headache to most people is not knowing what to wear and pair together the pieces whether is getting ready in the morning for work, a job interview or a simple night out with friends.

Our solution: We not only provide clothing and fashion accessories that are focused on art, design and quality via collaboration with international designers, photographers and graffiti artists rather than poor quality fast fashion clothing, we also provide a monthly membership subscription, offering a personal styling guide and a new outfit every month to each of our members based on their personal profile. All the users, members or not will have access to our virtual fitting room technology allowing them to try on the clothes online. The customers will be able to imput their measurements and image creating their own avatar giving them a personalized online shopping experience that fits their body type and shapes.

  • Aila Pernambuco
    Founder/ Creative Director
    I have a bachelors degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City in International trade and marketing for the fashion industries... Read More