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The passion of WineWorld Xplorer (WWX) has always been the sharing of wines. It goes from orchestrating intimate wine experiences for wine lovers; to ultimately making global movement and exchange of wines easier and faster. “Making wine a liquid pleasure and a liquid asset” encapsulates our core belief. In execution we laid the groundwork of an agile platform infrastructure. From there we pump in our 10 years of industry know-how, international wine trade sources and regional wine buyer networks. Right now, we focus on enhancing fine wine price and supply & demand projections by using Big Data Analysis and AI technologies. Ultimately, WWX sets it sights to become premier global fine wine trading and asset management platform, with an edge on comprehensive trading insights and specifically, Asian market understanding.

WWX enables institutional wine traders, intermediaries, private collectors and general wine lovers to browse wine offers available in 3 global wine hubs: UK, France and HK. They can buy, sell, ship and store their wines internationally; and evaluate reselling potential with reference to real-time valuation of their portfolio. This myriad of functions seek to solve three problems:

***Minimizing market access asymmetry***
By linking three global wine hubs, buyers can browse prices and quantities of any wines in key trading markets. After which, they can rely on established professional logistics to have those wines shipped to them. The aggregation of this one global master wine list provides access to many more wines for local buyers. On the other hand, sellers can trade globally and leverage on the marketplace effect of WWX to reach new buyers and make more sales with minimal efforts on new market entry and exposure strategy.

***Reducing price inefficiency***
Price transparency and real-time supply-demand can be better gauged with WWX’s one master global wine list. This, together with our Big Data and AI-enabled fine wine price and supply-demand projection capabilities, will lay a firm framework for a more liquid wine trading and investment scene as market becomes more price-transparent and efficient.

***Accommodating changes in market behavior***
Specifically in the fine wine realm, profit margins are narrowing – faster than growth in trading rigor and transaction volume. WWX is built to create a new age marketplace to enhance fine wines’ standing as assets with a higher level of liquidity. We believe that an exponential growth of trading volume will mitigate the impact of narrower profit margins. This can be done by bringing in awareness of wine as an asset; and participation in wine trading not only among institutional traders; but also private collectors and wine investors.

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    Mariana Lam
    Founder and CEO
    A firm believer in innovation, Mariana Lam brings her business acumen and passion for wines together to curate not only 10 solid years of internati... Read More
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    Anty Fung
    Strategy and Content Lead
    Graduate of Bachelor of BBA(Law) from the University of Hong Kong. Currently pursuing Master of Wine studies after obtaining DipWSET Level 4, CMS C... Read More
  • Claire Wong
    PR & Communication Lead
    A fluent speaker in French, Claire has devoted herself to the wine industry with a focus on on-trade wine sales, specifically wines of Burgundy. Sh... Read More
  • Luis Yeung
    Operations and Trade Relations Lead
    A graduate of Northumbria University with a focus on Business Administration, Luis has gathered extensive experience in operations and logistics m... Read More