WORK-SPACE is a virtual work-platform for designers & creative individuals to streamline the process of creation.
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Our ultimate vision does not stop at a practical & commercial domain but to construct a new utopian and sustainable virtual model that may help us engage with our meta-realities and higher consciousness. WORK-SPACE is simultaneously a cultural and social construct that leaps across academia and the applied business world; a personal and collective machine for mapping, learning, working, representing and creating.

Work-space provides the platform for using your creative work and ideas as the very basis to construct your identity and public persona; and streamlining it to the other extremities of business and e-commerce, targeting the entire ecosystem of creation.

Our product has other agendas such as to consolidate and accumulate empirical and new forms of knowledge derived from different creative disciplines and industries, as a parallel operation to survey and map the history of knowledge in human civilisation. WORK-SPACE is also a platform for critical and informal engagements of knowledge across culture and disciplines. We believe this is a way for new practices and new knowledge to be emerged as a result. Due to the ungrounded nature of "the source of inspiration", as well as the adaptability of knowledge & theory, we are taking on a rhizome-sque approach to structure information and knowledge, as opposed to the traditional arborescent structure.

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