Work In Progress

We're all a Work In Progress! #imawip
Where we're at?

Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

It's not a problem to be a Work In Progress. In fact, we think being a WIP is something to celebrate!

We connect WIPs like you to resources, mentors, and coaches who can provide actionable guidance to help you achieve your goals.

We believe in the power of dialogue, sharing stories and naming your struggles and fears. This dialogue needs to happen in a safe space, whether one on one with a coach, in a round table discussion with peers or in a learning environment like a workshop.

Work In Progress is a place online and offline where professionals looking for purpose can find a career or life coach, meet up with a mentor, get useful resources and connect with peers who are all a Work In Progress.

​Gain clarity, confidence and find your tribe with us.

Explore a database of coaches who are experts in their fields, and with online content get to know them better before you book time with a coach.

WIP offers a coaching matching service if you don't know what you might be looking for and an accessible booking platform for when you are ready to commit to pursuing your goals.

Keep up to date with in-person events hosted by WIP Coaches and partners. Join the community and kick your career goals up a notch!

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    Diane Mensah
    ​Diane has diverse background working with people, having worked in luxury fashion retail management in the UK for eight years and then three years... Read More