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Paving the way towards smarter caregiving through technology-based solutions.
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The biggest change begins with the smallest difference. To truly make an impact on the society, we must begin by serving the individuals that make it. 

Wonderkin, established in 2019, is a Hong Kong-based technology company that that aims to pave the way towards smarter caregiving through technology-based solutions. We believe that the right application of technology can revolutionize the process of caregiving and raise the quality of life for everybody, regardless of their gender, age, or social class. We hope to concentrate our efforts towards assisting those who need the most attention but are unable to communicate their needs fully.

We are a team of like-minded and determined individuals, all sharing a vision for success. We believe that the effective application of knowledge and a technological edge can transform the society for the better, and significantly improve the efficiency of caregiving processes. 

The caregiving industry places immense importance on patients, but often fails to recognize the stress experienced by caregivers. We wanted to bring about a change.

With our Smart Incontinence Monitoring System and sensors, Wonderkin enables carers in elderly care facilities to be notified of the patient’s void frequencies, accidental falls, sleeping posture, exterior temperature, and motions in real time, effectively easing the caregiving process. Our latest developments, the Wondermom smart baby diapers and Wonderfolks smart elderly incontinence aids have mobile applications which send you instant alerts when required, letting you monitor users’ onditions from anywhere, at any time.

Our products have a two-way benefit- they increase the comfort of patients while reducing the strain of carers. They help cut caregiving costs for nursing homes and families, and are also eco-friendly, as we minimize the use of disposable wastes during production.

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