Location-based platform that connect people with mutual interests by groups or private chat rooms.
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Wohus (app) is a location-based platform that connect users with mutual interests, allowing the creation of private or group chat rooms. Wohus is the perfect app for social discoveries, interact with locals while travelling or expand your social circles.

Create your profile by a email or log in with Facebook
Choose an activity from our 9 categories:

• Explore
• Drinks
• Food
• Music
• Panda
• Culture
• Sports
• Events
• Deals

Your Wohus will be available for 3 hours.
Accept request as a group or individual chat.
Browse available Wohus within your area and request.

We will let you know when someone accepts your request or you have some to join you.
Make a plan for where and when would you want to meet.

If you would like to extend your post you will have to POCUS

POCUS features include: Posting time from 3, 15 or 30 Days - Customized title, description, URL, and location, also you post will be catapulted to the top of the list from the category of your choice.

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  • Maury Mall
    CEO Founder
    Fine Art Artist and Music Producer