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WL Media HK provides a range of different services to small English speaking businesses in Hong Kong that want to get the most out of their Internet presense. Every business has some internet presence whether they want to or not, but make the most of that presence to turn it into leads, customers and sales requires paying attention and optimising. For the small business owner who is busy providing their service, products or tending to customers this can be too much of a stretch. Here are WL Media we understand and can help you. Call now to discuss how our services can help you leverage the internet to improve your business.

Digital Brand Audits
Small Business Startup Package for HK SMEs
Renovate your Aging Website
Ad-hoc consulting and projects

  • Winnie tsoi 2015 headshot large
    Winnie Tsoi
    Owner and Digital Marketing Consultant
    Winnie has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, including 10 years in her own Digital Marketing Company.
  • Raymond headshot 2015
    Raymond Lowe
    Internet Marketing Analyst
    Raymond has worked in the IT industry for 30 years in a range of roles from programmer to project manager before establishing his current role as a... Read More