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Disruptive Sustainable Solution for Stoping The Global Deforestation
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Disruptive Innovation Company that targets to change the world by reducing the global Deforestation and save our planet.

During the last few years, we developed and patented the first in a kind roll of Biodegradable moist toilet paper within a sealed flexible wrapper. It is an ingenious new disposable personal hygiene product packed with Biodegradable moist toilet paper. The WipeMeWorld team identified the need for Biodegradable moist toilet papers on a rolling dispenser as a replacement for the traditional toilet paper, the market demand for moist toilet paper is growing fast and our solution is the only best innovative solution in the market to fulfill this demand. By adopting our technology the consumers change the landscape of the global consumption of paper and can reduce by up to 80% the global deforestation. The development took place by a group of pioneers from Hong Kong, UK, Germany and Israel with one state in mind of improving our world and reduce worldwide paper consumption. The solution basically doesn't require changing anything, not in consumer behavior how they consumer paper or anything in the bathroom landscape. The product looks like toilet paper, feels like toilet paper and functions as toilet paper, it is just ingenious using moist paper which provides better hygiene and reduces the overall consumption. The product contains no plastic parts and super eco-friendly and recyclable, similar to other paper products.

Our product come to solve three major problems
1.) Reduce the global deforestation by up to 80%
2.) Reduce the global consumption of paper
3.) Solve consumers confusion of flushing into the toilet baby wipes or other non-biodegradable paper material and causing sewer blocking

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