Wineknot Company Limited

Wineknot offers Fast delivery, No minimum charge, Variety of choice for liquors, Sourcing and planning.
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Idea is formed project ready to launch.

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Growing company and users!

At Wineknot we believe there are few things in life better than catching up with friends and family over a few drinks. We also believe that everyone has their own unique tastes and should not be limited to the same old selection offered at local pubs or retail shops. So we set out to create a whole new way to get your hands on the perfect drink.

With that goal in mind, we are working hard to create an all new online service platform that is not susceptible to the current market constraints … namely slow, clunky ecommerce shops, limited product selections, expensive markups to compensate for high rental rates, pricey minimum order thresholds, and lengthy delivery delays.

Wineknot solves these frustrating pain points by allowing you to easily browse or search products from a growing number of alcohol retailers and suppliers in and about your area, compare product prices to ensure you are getting the best deal, eliminate expensive minimum order costs, and receive fast delivery to your home or office.