Facial Recognition/Tracking on-the-Move
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WildFaces.ai focuses on a Disruptive patented Face Recognition/Tracking on-the-move technology to supplement human intelligence.

It can recognize faces on-the-fly without the need for fixed IoT infrastructure. Using video from drones, moving robots, body-worn cameras and even from smartphones, the system can track extreme crowds in Real-Time at significant distances. With extensive use cases for 30+ industries, the system can be used to find a lost child or navigate theme park patrons through the most efficient route based on their ride preference. Its core technology is endorsed by numerous leading industry players and has been deployed in 50+ countries.

With numerous use cases, our system can be used for:
- RETAIL, understanding customer experience such as dwell/queue time to achieve better customer service.
- THEME PARKS, finding lost children/elderly people & navigating visitors through the most efficient route.
- EVENTS, providing real-time crowd control ensuring utmost safety during major events.
- Exhibitions, theft prevention & to locate key clients/VIPs in a crowd.
- Many more use cases.

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  • Ivy Li
    Founder/Executive Director
    The company founder has also founded a successful AI company 17 years ago. As an industry recognized AI guru, Ms. Li also brings with her strong in... Read More