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Whole Business Wellness builds capability to transform the wellness and performance of people and organisations
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We believe that actively managing the wellbeing of a business and its people is critical to success. The responsibility lies with leadership and managers, not just individuals. Organisations need to address systemic issues, not just treat individual employee symptoms. Leaders need data and deeper insights into organisational root causes of stress and a wellness lens should be applied to all major business initiatives, with corresponding evaluation of the wellness impact of the project on return on investment. All of this should be data driven and transparent.

We take a multi-disciplinary, multi-level, interactive approach to systemic issues.
Our practice integrates psychology, design thinking, mindfulness, operational strategy, change management and experiential learning to build your organisation’s capabilities.
We start by building self-awareness and techniques to manage personal wellness.
Then create common experiences and language for teams to support each other and a safe mechanism to feed back to management.
We use wellness and business metrics to identify, understand, escalate and iterate systemic issues.
This enables the organisation to take better informed systemic action that improves individual and business performance. 

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