Private Marketplace - Grow relationships, starting with the sharing of things.
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We aim to create impact on environment and community health. We do this via behavioural change from consumerism to re-use within social groups.

- Good relationships and being in diverse social groups brings many benefits. i.e. Security by having access to most things, help and moral support
- WhoGotStuff aims grow relationships starting with the sharing of things. Facebook does the same thing, but they start with the sharing of experiences.
- We reduce the barriers to the sharing of things; Time savings from hours to minutes; Financial savings from 30% to 100% of item costs; increase social acceptance of used things and the method of sharing; Convert lack of trust in transactions to seeking out transactions because its fun.
- Aim to expand internationally to other major cities where there is limited space at home.

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    Vaughn Hew
    Entrepreneur in Hong Kong | Co-founder of WhoGotStuff
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    Marilyn Hew
    Co-founder of WhoGotStuff
    Design background. Has built and exited 2 businesses. Subject matter expert for our early adopters, parents.