Paletize your industrial robot on your own. No need of programming knowledge.
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After years analyzing the problems of the sector and working hand in hand with clients and robotic programmers, we discovered how sometimes robotic palletization can present some problems for customers, programmers and integrators. Errors that could be solved with the development of new tools.

Robotic programmers must be experts in this sector, each brand works with a different programming language and a different development environment, so the demand of these professionals is high.

Unfortunately, the number of robotic programmers is low in general terms and almost non-existent in developing countries, which must be displaced in each new installation, increasing the cost of both the client and himself.

In addition, PLCs also work with different programming languages ​​and development environments, increasing the workload of programmers and the dependence between them and suppliers.

Pall-e allows you to configure a palletizing cell without knowledge of robotic programming. By simply entering simple parameters the system will automatically create the palletization programs in the chosen robotic language.
The time to put into production can be greatly reduced by speeding up the programming and adjustment processes of the palletizing cell. The installations carried out with Pall-e reach levels of production that are significantly higher compared to traditional programming, since the movements are self-calculated based on the reference positions, generating shorter, direct and comfortable trajectories for the robot.
Pall-e is compatible with the main brands of commercial robots with models suitable for palletizing applications. The programs generated by Pall-e are editable and modifiable

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