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WBD101 is the only Asian company with in-depth, in-house expertise on SmartBody™ sensing for healthcare applications.
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With 52 patents and numerous international awards, WBD101 is the only Asian company with in-depth, in-house expertise on SmartBody™ sensing at the highest accuracy for healthcare applications. WBD101 sells advanced healthcare grade processors bundled with matching sensor technologies that are used by consumer electronics companies including JBL, Pioneer, BEEM United and Cleer for sports and fitness, and by Singapore’s National Step Challenge healthy lifestyle wristbands.

WBD101 started developing ActivHearts™ technology since 2006, our patented technology can effectively remove motion artifact even when the wearer is in motion so as to ensure very high accuracy when sensing the wearer’s bio-information.

WBD101 SmartBody™ sensing is unique in these three areas:

(1) Competitors use different frequency domains sensors (such as LED + accelerometer) to remove motion noise. This is problematic because good data gets removed due to the differentiation function to use acceleration to deduce the gap between the sensors and the skin. WBD101’s patented ActivHearts™ technology uses the same frequency domain sensors under comparative function to provide accurate results and retain un-deleted bio-data for future analysis.

(2) While clinical pulse oximeters have been using infrared light, WBD101 exclusively patented the infrared application for active use. Others like Apple and Fitbit use green LEDs, which pick up less motion noise as green light doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin. Using Infrared, our design works better on darker/tattooed skin, as well as colder weather, accurately.

Moreover green LED is absorbed by hemoglobin, rendering it useless in the determination of deep tissue parameters, such as hydration muscle saturation and total hemoglobin. These qualities all limit the future usefulness of green LED for healthcare wearables.

(3) WBD’s patented tightly packed sensor applications are inconspicuously small and almost invisible, allowing our technology to be hidden elegantly into different wearable designs around the body, per our customers.