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WeLab's mission is to innovate traditional credit services in order to better serve consumers with a cheaper, faster and more hassle-free way of borrowing money.

WeLab's lending platforms are powered by WeDefend, the company's proprietary risk management technology, which combines machine learning, big data technologies, and unstructured data to deliver a streamlined risk management and customer experience.

Backed by leading investors, including Li Ka-shing’s TOM Group and Sequoia Capital, WeLab is led by a team of industry experts from leading financial and technology companies, including Citibank, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Oracle, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu.

Founded in 2013, WeLab operates Hong Kong's leading online lending platform, www.WeLend.hk and China's first fully mobile lending platform, www.wolaidai.com

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  • Simon Loong
    Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
    After over 15 years in the banking sector, Simon Loong co-founded WeLab in 2013. Prior to WeLab, he held a variety of senior positions at both Citi... Read More
  • Kelly Wong
    Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
    Kelly Wong co-founded WeLab in 2013 and has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in Greater China. As COO of WeLab, he is currently responsi... Read More
  • Paul Ip
    Chief Risk Officer
    Paul Ip joined WeLab in September 2015 and has over 20 years of consumer credit risk management experience across Asia. Prior to WeLab, he held a v... Read More
  • Alex Chen
    General Manager, China
    Alex joined WeLab in February 2015 and is responsible for WeLab’s daily business operations and the development of strategic initiatives in China. ... Read More
  • Karen Ho
    Chief Financial Officer
    Karen joined WeLab in June 2014 and is responsible for finance and compliance of the group. Prior to joining WeLab, she led the finance and strate... Read More