We The People

We The People is a global movement of citizens taking democracy online.
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We The People is a global movement of citizens working to put the power back in people. Our mission is to give people the power to step up and speak out. We’re using high tech solutions to solve the world’s most pressing human rights challenges so everyone has a voice. Above all, we’re building an open digital platform, using blockchain, that will give citizens the tools and resources to step up and be heard while remaining safe, secure, and, when needed, anonymous.

Through our campaigns, training, resources, services, and ultimately our platform, we're adopting a different approach that will take democracy online. We want to ensure that the billions of people around the world are able to have hope in times of need and we're working on creating meaningful ways for citizens to step up and be heard, without being afraid to do what's right. We believe everyone deserves hope.

Learn more at https://wtppl.org

  • Hasanal Zaf
    Founder & President
  • Christina
    Christina Ling
  • Ben
    Ben Caselin
    Community & Mobilisation