WanderSource is the first-of-its kind smart, visual travel planner and a marketplace for travel activities.
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WanderSource aims to present travel information in a simple, clear and concise manner. Planning a city holiday is now difficult as all information is in text format and by the time the traveler reads and processes the information, half of what he read is lost! WanderSource thus breaks down this information and presents in a very simple tool so that users can easily plan their trips in less than 10 minutes, not having to read pages of text.

We started WanderSource as a result of two personal pain points - Concise travel information like What to do, When to do, Where to go and How to ge there is not available anywhere and there is no reliable information online to compare and book the activity packages before we travel. WanderSource presents travel information in a simple tool so that users can plan their own itineraries and explore the world the way they want to !

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  • Gowri Kabali & Praveen Mani
    With several years of experience at the financial sector, the founders are now set to solve the problems faced by tourists through WanderSource - t... Read More