Shop, Sell, Discover. Wallhawk is your local, global mobile app.
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Every neighbourhood in every town in every city in every country has its own texture. Technology can bring it out and put it on display. Wallhawk wants to be a part of it, and help you find an apartment to rent, or restaurant to eat, or the perfect sofa to fit in the corner. Best of all, find it in your neighbourhood, all with thanks to your neighbours. We also want you to search for it on your own time, and to to go meet your neighbour while you ponder your purchase.

Wallhawk combines Vine with Craigslist. Wallhawk uses the power of video to communicate your items for sale. Aimed at the used, or recurring market, Wallhawk is ideal to get the essence of your item across to the potential buyer or renter. Your mobile phone uses video and geo location to allow you to take the video and put it in the right spot. Or, if you are looking, use the mobile app or website to see what is available in your desired neighbourhood. Basically, Wallhawk is an advertising platform for those reaching locally, where you use video and you use voice to describe your product.

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