walkin, discover and stop by events happening right now. where to now?
Where we're at?

Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

Why discover what's on now with walkin.to?

Here are 3 big reasons
- Discover hidden offers, unique experiences and events happening today
Not only does walkin.to have all the public deals and events made by restaurant and bars in one spot, we also show you exclusive offers and experiences directly from venues.

- Venues you will love
We identify awesome venues by people who love them. Our data based approach to ranking venues is based on objective, quantifiable data and algorithms, this means we identify better deals and venues without biased reviews. Yay.

- Be a local
Feel like a rockstar at some veneus because you are there all the time? Select up to 6 venues that you frequent the most and let venues know you love them, and they might love you more in return.

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