Votee, deciding together

Virtualising Focus Groups. Bringing real voices to shape all corners of life.
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Growing company and users!

Our world is filled with undesirable products, policies and decisions that are decided by a small and exclusive few. Votee lets you follow the people you want, allowing you to give your say.

We believe in true democracy for everyone, and that starts by an individual exercising his or her democracy on a daily basis.

What better way to link democracy to modern life than through a sleek, beautiful, and most importantly helpful app that allows you to post questions and vote on things that matter to you.

Whether it's where to eat or what to wear, or whether you think President Obama is doing a good job or not - no question is too big or small to vote on. Ask, vote, and get rewarded!

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  • Jacky Chan
    CTO / Partner
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    Founder / Partner