IoT integrated mental health solution designed based on the concept of mediation, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.
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Void's mission statement is to help every user understand their inner self and attain maximum spiritual contentment. By daily hypnosis and relaxation program, it focuses on improving their mental health state and shaping a positive mindset in the long term. By exploring with users what they care in their daily life, Void helps prioritize and balance the social and work life of users. A good mental health enables people to build healthy relationships with family and friends, as well as putting right focus on work and leisure. Users are encouraged to exercise, go out and explore with Void, which helps build a healthy and optimistic mindset. There is no health formula to fit everyone, but Void helps every user to find their best spiritual path.

it helps strengthen users' stress control, focus and relaxation. Through this process, they gradually build up a stronger sense of self-esteem and empathy around the surrounding environment with a persistent habit cycle. In long-term, users will achieve a calm and positive mental state with full spiritual contentment. The positive cycle enables users to have positive mindset and face the society with more empathy.

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    Chan Kai Ho
    Founder and Hypnotist
    - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (ACHE 2016) - Champion of Internation Space out Competition - Founder of Void - Awardee of HKICT Grand and Gold... Read More