vivovii integrates scientific research, proven techniques, and technology to help you realize your greatest potential.
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We are a team with diverse backgrounds and skills, including leadership, coaching, psychology, medicine, decision theory, strategy, and planning. What brings us together are shared viewpoints about personal growth. On each of our personal journeys, we’ve come to realize that:

Life is a voyage of personal discovery.
Science provides important information to help us grow and learn.
We have the capacity to imagine and shape our journeys.
Change is difficult. We are complex and emotional beings.
When facing critical challenges, we seek help to improve our lives.
We believe the key to personal growth is the underlying desire to improve; but empowerment to realize our full potential relies on the information and support available to us throughout our lives.

So we have set out to provide a powerful resource for our members and their friends to realize their individual and collective potential. This is the ambition of our team, vivovii.

vivovii will effectively use modern technology and leading research to help people make better decisions and consequently lead a more fulfilling and happy life.

Our aim is to provide resources, systems and networks leveraging modern technology and evidence-based research to assist those who need to answer critical questions about their lives and have chosen to undertake a journey of personal growth.

Our design and development philosophy centers on accessibility, simplicity, and positive results for our member community.

Advances ranging from expansive social networks to brain science provide us with powerful tools to tackle this otherwise daunting task. vivovii builds on this platform and brings together research, experts and an engaged community to catalyze insightful conversations and personal discoveries.

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  • Stephen webflow 144x144
    Stephen Kevin Jones
    CEO & Co-founder
    Dedicated to the vision of unlocking the potential of individuals and leaders. Previously founded and sold start up, RPOptions Ltd; former Global ... Read More
  • Sadella
    Sadella Yip
    COO & Co-founder
    Inspired by innovative solutions through user-centric design. As Head of Strategy and Partner Operations, Manchester United Asia-Pacific, Sadella h... Read More
  • Jeff
    Jeff Ebert
    Research & Content Lead
    Passionate about investigating the human condition, and making information widely accessible. Contributions to scientific journals on topics such a... Read More
  • Mike
    Mike Weng
    Development Lead
    A seasoned tech in mobile application development, with innovative research in mobile health, experimental network architecture, computer vision, w... Read More
  • Jay
    Jay Dixit
    Editor / Writer
    Devoted science writer, editor, and storyteller. Former senior editor/writer for Psychology Today and contributor to The New York Times, The Washi... Read More