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Charmuu ( is a YouTube video curation service and organizes the most interesting content from our YouTuber partners about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and much more. With their content featured on the site, YouTubers enjoy additional exposure to reach a wider range of viewers and allows us to gain a deeper understanding of how their content is consumed.

Plus, our mother company in Japan, Mind Palette Co Ltd., has developed Snapeee (, a photo-sharing app with over 10 million users in Asia and 200 thousand users in Hong Kong. Our clients will be able to use Snapeee as an additional social media platform to reach their target segment.

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    Toshiyuki Morita
    - Working at VIVID DIGITAL LIMITED as Chief Executive Officer. - Joined Mind Palette Co Ltd (100% mother company of VIVID DIGITAL) in 2014 and esta... Read More
  • Shinichi Morita
    Account Director
    - Working at Mind Palette Group as Asia General Manager cum Account Director in VIVID DIGITAL LIMITED. - Joined Mind Palette Co Ltd (100% mother co... Read More