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Velotrade is the web-based solution to provide businesses with immediate cash flow by selling their outstanding invoices.

This is the innovative marketplace that brings together businesses willing to sell their trade receivables to investors willing to advance funds.

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    Gianluca Pizzituti
    CEO and Co-founder
    Started his career in the Equity Derivatives desk at Dresdner Kleinwort in London. In 2009, Gianluca moved to Singapore where he founded and manage... Read More
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    Vittorio De Angelis
    Executive Chairman and Co-founder
    Worked at JP Morgan and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in London as an Equity Derivatives trader. He then joined Bank of America London as a Managi... Read More
  • Emmanuel photo
    Emmanuel Pitsilis
    Senior Advisor & Co-Founder
    Worked for over two decades at McKinsey & Company in Europe, North America and Asia where he had various leadership roles as Senior Partner. Cu... Read More