Vaultarch Ltd

Our provenance database and experts will protect your valuable collectable trading cards from counterfeiting and theft.
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We believe that a remarkable innovation is about to happen in the protection of valuable card and paper objects from counterfeiting and theft. This will be beneficial for millions of owners of such objects. We want to be leaders of this technology wave.

Billions of dollars of value of collectable trading cards are under threat from increasingly accurate counterfeits. A single "high-end collector" (of which there are over 30,000) may have 100K USD of cards. We have deep knowledge of this domain, coupled with great technical experience. As a result we have conceived and are developing a silver bullet solution which will stop future counterfeits dead, leaving only today's which are more limited in number and easier to detect. As a side benefit of the system, we will be able to protect cards from theft and loss, and hence be a key input to insurance of these highly valuable objects.

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  • Andrew Buchanan
    I work to find the best way to protect valuable collectable trading cards from counterfeits, theft and loss. Coincidentally, I am a long time colle... Read More
  • Nicolas Bouyt
    Newcomer in the Magic world, but used to geeky tabletops games for more than 14 years. Former technology consultant, experiences in sales, market... Read More
  • Himani Gathania
    Excellent back-end developer