The ultimate fashion industry upcycling marketplace which reduce waste, save money and bring agility

We have been in the textile industries for over 2 decades, and more specifically on the sourcing and buying side in Asia. Placing orders, changing orders, cancelling orders, looking around for suppliers have been an important part of our jobs.

Visiting factories every week makes us understand that the problematic on waste/dead inventories is a big challenge in our industry. It is estimated that more than 100 billion USD worth of fabrics/raw materials sit in factories around the world every year. Waiting to go to landfill at some time. The challenge of this wastage is how to connect those dead Bill of Materials/stocks easily to potential buyers.

For those reasons, we have created UPCYBOM. Putting online and selling your stocks should be as easy as sending it to landfills. The platform will simply connect buyers with sellers. Enjoy UPCYBOM and make a world better while saving money and winning in agility.

The Textile industry is the second most polluting in the world :

- Waste/Dead Inventory are recurrent in the Fashion Industry
- Supplier leaves customers disconnected with their available stock
- No easy way exist to overview fashion industry ready materials

UPCYcle your Bill Of Materials

UPCYBOM is one of the first platform to promote waste and dead inventories from factories. The process is simple, no hidden commissions just a membership fee.

The platform will connect suppliers and buyers on their available stock.

UPCYBOM is now making easy to overview the raw materials or finished products available among all the registered members.

More than just a marketplace, UPCYBOM is a tool to break the pattern of leftovers. It will work in a network between buyers and their factories. When a factory will put online leftovers, their client will receive instantly a notification, and reverse, when buyers will look for something that cannot find online, they can create an alert and send a notification to all the factories on what they are looking for.
Many features coming up.

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  • Upcybom ghislainhenno annelaurepedegert
    Ghislain Henno
    Co-Founder - Managing Director
    13 years in the textile Industry. 8 years in Hong kong and 5 years in Bangladesh. Former Head of Global Sourcing for a European fast fashion young ... Read More
  • Anne-Laure Pedegert
    20 years in the textile industry, 10 years in Bangladesh. CEO Fashion Theory, trading company focusing on emerging designers.